Mike Mineo Needs Help Deciding What Song to Sing When Auditioning for American Idol

Check out Mike Mineo's contribution to our Chronic Cover Songs for 420.

New Times caught wind that eccentric singer-songwriter Mike Mineo decided to audition for Season 12 of American Idol. Considering he is one of South Florida's most promising vocalists, we think he is going to be aces on the reality television singing competition.

Mineo's two albums-- Eccentricity and Beach Season-- impressed us with their orchestral flair and deep grooves. Mineo specializes in a form of blue-eyed soul that harkens Jason Mraz at times, but is tons more entertaining. He has a class clown personality that truly comes out in his songwriting. But his honeyed, jazz-hued voice makes listeners realize that this dude is for real.

Mineo plans to schelp up to New Orleans to try our for American Idol on July 17. The good news, he will be bringing all of South Florida with him. Not just in of spirit either. Mineo plans on giving us behind the scenes access along the way, with clips taken from his crafty iPhone. He is counting on South Florida's support to help him maneuver into the later rounds of the competition. Mineo is up-to-snuff and will have no problem making it past the first few rounds, usually replete with turkeys.

He wants you, readers, to be an integral part of the process. We  caught up with the talented songsmith at his label Nevernothing Records' studio in Delray Beach to shoot the breeze. He allowed us all access and granted us permission to film three songs he is considering unveiling before the cynical Idol judges. Mineo would love to hear your opinion and is open to any other suggestions you guys might have. Look for the video after the jump.

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Currently hard at work on his third full-length effort, for the first time in his career, Mineo is taking a stab at production with this piece. His sidekick, Nevernothing Records co-owner and overall right-hand man Brent Williams, is taking care of the mixing and engineering. Mineo says the album is "an acoustic effort with electric accompaniments." Sounds like something David Gray might put out--only ten times more zanier.

Mineo is throwing around a couple of names for the album, "Big Big Star" and "All Is One." He says the album is about three-fourths complete, and expects to be releasing it in early 2013.

Additionally from the Mineo camp, Williams says he is almost done shooting the clay animation video he has been working on for Beach Season hit "Brand New Feeling." Claymation is a tenuous process, but Williams let us have a peak at what he's completed so far -- it looks like the results will be well worth the months of energy. The video follows, to a T, the "Brand New Feeling" storyline.

Getting back to American Idol tryouts, Mineo seems to be rather confident. He will be hooking us up with us updates on the process up in New Orleans so we'll know if his confidence is justified. 

The American Idol auditions in the Crescent City will be taking place July 16 to 18. Check out the video here, and give your thoughts on this number, one he just might choose to use to impress the judges. Leave your feedback in the comments section below. 

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