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Millionyoung on Making a "Pop Record With Substance," Willennium, and the Miami Heat

On Saturday, April 20, Fort Lauderdale's indie beacon of light, Radio-Active Records, will celebrate Record Store Day 2013 with an action-packed, 13-hour event chock-full of free stuff, live music, and delectable and rare musical items. Just streets away, at the massive Revolution Live complex, Block x Blog will be making Fort Lauderdale indie-music history with an epic lineup spanning three stages. 

Among those performing this year at both events is Coral Springs native Mike Diaz, the musical mastermind behind chilled-out electronic indie outfit Millionyoung. With the recent release of Variable, the sophomore follow-up to 2011's Replicants LP, and a full U.S. tour just under way, Diaz gave us a moment to talk about what he's been up to and divulge some of his record-collection gems.

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New Times: Congrats on the new album! How's it been going since the release back in February?
Diaz: The

record has been doing great! We've been getting a lot of feedback from

our fans, and now we're getting ready to go out on the road. Yeah, just

really happy with how it came out.

How would you say your sound has evolved since Replicants, and what were some of your musical influences while recording Variable?
Well, this was the first time I recorded anything in a proper studio, and it led to a more lucid record on Variable. I really wanted to make a pop record with substance; the lyrics and vocals are clearer and straightforward, but I held onto the pallet of instruments I love.

I was mostly listening to classic soul and funk, like Al Green or even Michael McDonald. So much of the hip-hop and house music I enjoy samples from them, and I wanted to pay homage to that in my own way.

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