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MillionYoung's Cozy-Wave Version of "Gymnopedie No. 1"

It's been six months since we've seen any action on Coral Springs dream-pop whiz Mike Diaz's, AKA MillionYoung, tumblr page. But Diaz made up for lost time a couple of weeks back by posting a little nugget of chilled-out bliss: his electro-finessed rendition of 19th century French composer Erik Satie masterful minimalist composition "Gymnopedie No. 1."

It's an archetypal, déjà vu-inducing melody that will spark memories in everyone. (You've no doubt heard this tune in a movie, TV show or two.) Diaz's version demonstrates musical deftness here, dropping hefty bass thumps to start off the delicateness, and then following them with pleasingly effervescent synthesizers. Diaz pays homage to the melancholic original version but still manages to drape it with his trademark hazy mid-tempo silk. It's a concise 2:18 of velvety chill-pop indeed -- the kind of mood-setting reflective track that goes down as good on rainy days as Oreos do in milk. Stay tuned for MillonYoung's highly-anticipated debut full-length in January on Arcade Sound Ltd.

Meanwhile cozy up to this.

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Alex Rendon