Mini Odd Duck Retro & Geek Show at Jezebel & Radio-Active Records

Saturday afternoon, the Hollywood Craft Mafia brought the crafting world and nerd community together at their Mini Odd Duck Retro and Geek Show held at Jezebel Vintage and Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale. Jezebel hosted the retro side of the show and did the most beautiful job transforming their cozy store into a handmade enthusiast's dream packed with talented crafters and my favorite part... the pinup photo booth. Radio-Active Records played host to the geekier side of the show, which included the most hilariously creative hats I've ever seen in my life, delicious-smelling beer soap, and superadorable, videogame-inspired baby clothes.


However, all amazing crafts aside, I'll be honest: Hairstylist and

makeup artist Adrienne Amenta really stole the show with her retro-inspired looks such as beehives and 1940s-type 'dos. She was going nonstop from the time the event started until well after closing time and still had a line of girls wanting makeovers. Maybe next time, ladies! I know I will be calling on her for my next big event.  

The Hollywood Craft mafia ladies are

doing something great for the local crafting community from their

workshops to planning craft shows, and I am looking forward to

attending their upcoming show in April.

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Betsey Jennifer