Minimal Celebrate Ten Years of Indie-Latin Goodness at the Garret Tonight

Ten years ago, nearly 90 million viewers were exposed to Janet Jackson's nipple during her Super Bowl XXVIII "wardrobe malfunction" with JT, Brittney Spears eloped twice in 12 months, her first marriage lasting a mere 55 hours, and the driver of the Dave Matthews Band tour bus made it rain 800-pounds of feces onto the Chicago River.

Yeah, 2004 was a questionable year for pop music. But in the midst of all the head shakes and face palms the fourth year of the new millennium brought upon us, one of the best indie, electropop Latin bands to hit South Florida's music scene was born: Minimal.

Tonight, the eclectic foursome will be throwing A Beautiful Chaos at the Garret at Grand Central in downtown Miami in celebration of their ten year anniversary.

County Grind hit up drummer Alejo Angee on the eve of Minimal's birthday bash and spoke to him about the band's evolution throughout the years, the state of SoFla's local music scene, and lead singer Gabriel Ayala's alter ego.

Happy Birthday, Minimal! Here's to ten more.

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Laurie Charles
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