Missy Higgins tonight at The Culture Room

via myspace
Sometimes you hear a song on the radio, a television show, or a commercial and simply must find out who sings that song. I'm sure this was the case with many people who heard "Where I Stood" on Grey's Anatomy and I'm just as sure that those people who decided to look a little deeper into the haunting voice behind the song were pleasantly surprised with what they found. Missy Higgins has one of those unmistakably soulful voices that can chill you right to the core, and the icing on the cake is she's just as stunning to look at as she is to listen to.

The Australian beauty seems to be on the verge of stateside stardom, thanks in part to her Grey's Anatomy

exposure, so catching her tonight at The Culture Room with Justin

Nozuka and Lenka might just be the last time to see her in such an

intimate setting. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are $20 at the door.

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Brett Gillin