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Mixtape Of The Week: Brisco - OG Kush

We've been waiting for Brisco's official debut album Street Medicine for a couple years now. Being that he's backed by Cash Money Records and Poe Boy Records, you can expect Street Medicine to be a monumental release. Or atleast we hope so. Well, to keep the streets satisfied, Brisco released his newest mixtape OGKush this past Tuesday April 20th.

Brisco released what is said to be his first single off Street Medicine last month called "On The Wall", which features Lil Wayne. Well, that song is nowhere to be found on OG Kush.

OG Kush is compiled of a couple previously released songs and a couple new ones. Its marketed as a mixtape, but there's no mixing and no loud DJ screams any where on the tape, so it truly sounds and plays out more so like an album. The cover artwork is also well put together and very album-esque.

The mixtape starts off strong with a song simply titled "Anita", which noticeably has an Anita Baker sample as the basis of the production for the record. Its refreshing to hear Brisco on a more soulful type beat, which is something he should do a little more of. Besides that, throughout the tape, Brisco does recruit various artists to assist him on some of the tracks. Labelmate Billy Blue joins him on "Dat Nigga", Git Fresh on "Keep Risin" and Glasses Malone on "I Been Getting Money". You also have "Lambo Life", which is a posse cut of sorts that features Iceberg, Troy2davent, Frank Linin, Papa Duck and Mike Bliss.

OG Kush is a tape full of the Brisco we've come to known over the past years, but also features a sample of him over more refined tasted of production. Hopefully this the official "prequel" to the long awaited Street Medicine album that is said to be coming soon.

Download the mixtape below.

Mixtape: Brisco - OG Kush

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