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Mixtape of The Week: Gunplay - Don Logan Mixtape (Hosted by P-Cutta)

Gunplay has been doing the artist thing for a long time now. First time a lot of people heard him was on the "Represent (Remix)" with Trick Daddy and others. He's come a long way since then. He's been part of Triple C's for almost a decade now and has ridden with Rick Ross through thick and thin.

Well, we believe its about time for Gunplay to start his campaign as a solo artist. And he chooses to do so with "Don Logan". With the help of DJ P-Cutta, Gunplay puts together a solid release of songs, freestyles and collaborations for your listening pleasure. Gunplay jumps on your typical choice of popular beats that have been released over the past few months, but he also goes in on not-so-typical old school beats like Tupac's "Picture Me Rollin'". Also featured on the tape is a song called "Finer Things" off Triple C's Custom Cars and Cycles album from last Fall. Just that song alone lets you see that with quality production and a good hook, Gunplay can definitely shine on his own.

The only drawback to the tape to me was that I feel like Gunplay held back a little bit. Actually, he held back a lot. I know this because I know what Gunplay is capable of and I know he can rap head to head with the best of them lyrics-wise and cadence-wise. So for the next release, whether a mixtape or an official project, I hope he jumps on a more diverse selection of beats and really goes a little harder. Nonetheless, it's a good mixtape nonetheless from Carol City's own. Download the mixtape below.

Mixtape: Gunplay - Don Logan Mixtape

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David "Dro" Rosario