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Mixtape of the Week: Phatz - Palm Trees & Bomb Weed

Palm Trees & Bomb Weed is an authentic product exported out of the streets of Carol City. Phatz, a native of Carol City, puts together a collective of songs displaying his ability to stay fresh in rhyme, and in style. The word "swag" has pretty much been used to exhaustion, but sometime you can't deny when somebody has it. And Phatz has it.

Partnering up with Poe Boy Music's DJ Smokeybear, Palm Trees & Bomb Weed is a release filled with freestyles over today's most popular hip-hop backdrops and a couple original compositions here and there. The art of recreational marijuana usage in sunny weather does find itself mentioned frequently throughout the mixtape. Rightfully so, given the title.

Phatz has a laid back pproach with a trademark drag to his flow. Highlights on the tape include his renditions of "Popular Demand", "Drop The World" and "On Fire". "On Fire" being the psuedo love song [and first single] off Lil Wayne's latest album Rebirth. Phatz reworks it in his unique "Fly Guy" fashion. Something about hearing Phatz on a Cool & Dre beat sounds like it's a perfect fit. Here's a couple lines from Phatz's verse:

She burning up, somebody turn me up
She claim she never heard of us, that's bullsh*t, I heard enough
She courteous, that's just how I feel
Gasoline g-string and a pair of high heels

Aside from the heavy presence of freestyles, Phatz gives you dose of his song making abilities with cuts such as his popular "Celebration" record (which came out around early 2009) and "What You Want", which features Jamaica's Junior Reid. Overall, it's a good mixtape introducing you to his "royal flyness" as Phatz put it.And until Phatz releases his Overdose EP later this year, Palm Trees & Bomb Weed will definitely hold listeners down in the meantime. Download the mixtape below.

Mixtape: Phatz - Palm Trees & Bomb Weed
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