Mixtape of the Week: Webbz - God's Plan

​Webbz brings the long awaited God's Plan project to life. Its technically a mixtape, but most definitely sounds and plays out more like a street album. And with Dade Dilla, Midus and God himself serving as executive producers - God's Plan has some of Webbz's best work yet.

The mixtape starts off strong with a Justice League produced song called "Divine Intervention". Then you have locally based Midus also contributes the majority of the production on various songs including the radio-ready "Check Me Out" that features Poe Boy's Brisco and up-and-coming artist Nove. The remaining amount of production includes backdrops supplied by Heavyweight Beats, Buck$, Arizona Slim and Urb Tactics.

Now aside from the abundance original selections, Webbz does have a couple freestyles on the mixtape as well, which do give it it's "mixtape" stamp. Tracks like "Mafia Music 2", "Forever", "Over" and "Kush Is My Cologne" all get touched by Webbz - "Mafia Music 2" being the best of the pack with lines like:

God executive produced my whole project
So obstacles for your boy is no object
Trying to pass me some regs and I'm like "I'm set"
Various hustles, I can always use a side check
So make it count, while you got breath
A stand up guy, one of the few left

Webbz has a a good ear for production and good direction in song creation. The project was originally supposed to have DJ Smallz as host, but for some reason it didn't work out. However, God's Plan turned out for the best either way. And Webbz is "Cashius Clay confident" that you'll agree. Download the mixtape below.

Mixtape: Webbz - God's Plan

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