Mixtape Of The Week: Wizard Sleeve - Gangsta Bass In The Magic City Mixtape

​Lex-One and Mike Beatz have been staples in South Florida's hip-hop scene. Having released tons of group and solo projects (Monster Ink, Major League, more), they've shown that hip-hop is deep rooted in their sound. Fast forward to 2010, and these guys have transformed everything they've worked on in the past and put all of their energy into a new group called Wizard Sleeve.

Part hip-hop, part dub-step and part electro-funk - Wizard Sleeve have taken the UK by storm. And this mixtape, Gangsta Bass In The Magic City, made in collaboration with The Hydroz, pays homage to their "Magic City" roots while throwing in the dub step elements in the mix as well.

Gangsta Bass In The Magic City bares numerous great moments. First and foremost, the Black Noize and Lex-One record "Jackin' My Fresh" is featured, which was one of the early UK collaborations for Lex One. That particular song/video even made Kanye West take to his blog to post it and recognize it as being "superfresh". You also have the smash song "Riverside" with Sidney Samson that climbed up the UK music chart this past Winter. And ending off the tape, was a brand new Wizard Sleeve song that interestingly samples Chip Tha Ripper's "Interior Crocodile Alligator" phrase.

Lex-One described the mixtape as just being a fun project to do, a description that he considers is missing in nowadays. And you really can't get mad at him for saying that. We listen to music to escape reality at times and to enjoy ourselves. So music should sometimes be made with that approach in mind. And a little Miami Bass influence doesn't hurt either. Download the mixtape below.

Mixtape: Wizard Sleeve & The Hydroz - Gangsta Bass In The Magic City Mixtape

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