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Mixtape: Protoman's Accomplishments Are Numerous

Already know what you're thinking: is Protoman now a member of the No Limit Army? Did he get that tank chain? Get him on the court with Percy "Master P" Miller and Romeo, and would there be trouble? As amusing at a little stunt like that would be, our homegrown South Florida hip-hop hero (and Kreayshawn jokester) is not dipping his pen into that particular inkwell at the moment.

Admittedly, the Pen & Pixel-inspired cover for his new mouthful of a mixtape prepped by DJ Rob Riggs, I'm Very Proud of My Accomplishments Megamix 2, is a tantalizing dry hump for the eyes. Upon a couple listens, though, this is vintage-to-current Proto unfurling his knotty verbiage at high speeds, and a great follow for his first Megamix. We to got him to say a bit about the collection below.

These tracks are dated far back as 8 years ago. We dubbed the whole

thing on tape then back to digital to have you download it. The

downgraded quality of this transfer was done on purpose. Some tracks are

from failed 'rapper/production' groups, some were just never released

because they didn't make the 'cut' for previous releases, most were

recorded many years ago in a closet with shoestring holding up the mic

instead of a proper mic stand. Oh how far we've come.

We're printing up actual cassettes too with this mix and given them out at the album release show which we're working on now.

The "album release" of which he speaks is Beat a Dead Horse 'Till She Resurrects, and it's a game-changer. More on that very soon.

Protoman Megamix 2 by DJ Rob Riggs by Protoman

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