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Mixtape Review: Doormouse - 100% Real Wisconsin Cheese

I guess this is a week for me listening to local DJ's get down on mix tapes.  I know they aren't mix tapes anymore, but that's how I think of them.  There used to be little kiosks in Manhattan that us bridge and tunnel kids would flock to in order to purchase cassettes from DJ Clue?, Tony Touch, et al.  Now we have the interweb and Miami transplant Dan "Doormouse" Martin's fantastic mix 100% Real Wisconsin Cheese.  

This is apparently an official Addict Records release in free digital download form. It dropped in Nov. but I cannot get it out of my faux-pod no matter how hard I try. It moves effortlessly between 2 Live Crew, Kanye, Royksopp, Trick Daddy, DJ Funk, Timbaland, Akon, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake and dozens of others. Doormouse is a pro and he flexes his musical muscles on some extremely off the chain remixing and seemingly effortless blending. Check it out!

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Dominic Sirianni

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