Monica McGivern's Lake Worth Photo Project Unveiling
A behind-the-scenes shot of the guys from Blond Fuzz during one of Monica McGivern's shoots.

Monica McGivern's Lake Worth Photo Project Unveiling

To see the burgeoning creativity on our sandy shores

culminate in the Lake Worth-It Festival is an awesome thing -- and with photographer

Monica McGivern's Lake Worth Photo Project exhibition to flesh things out, it will be a celebration of

music and the visual arts. The first local Lake Worth show McGivern saw was at Bryant Park, the

location of the festival. The 40 photos of Lake Worth-based musicians she'll

be unveiling Saturday are black-and-white and never-before-seen. "When the festival was

announced I knew I needed to do something special to honor these musicians,"

she says.

Having already shot a bunch of their live shows and promo work, she

invited the musicians to be photographed through Facebook. Steve Rullman caught

on to help promote her project to the bands and eventually made it part of the

entire event.  With the help of

fellow photographer Daniel Millay assisting in production, she "managed to do 40 professional portraits in a span of two months.  I wanted to document that they were the people that help the

energy of this community right now." 

Eventually these portraits, along with photos of local shows, will be in

a book of her work. "I am very grateful to have met some incredibly talented

people that make up this scene...You can feel the excitement just by being in the

presence of someone who is living what they love."

McGivern will also have a live photo booth set up so you can

get your picture taken, too.  If you can't make it to the show, the

project will be available for online viewing on Sunday, August 8th,

on Monica's website,  For more information on the exhibition check out the Facebook event info.

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