Montage and Alarmists Perform in Tribute to Ray Pachter at Flaunt

Tonight, friends from all walks of life will gather at Flaunt, the long standing Respectable Street indie dance party in West Palm Beach, to commemorate the life and music of the late Ray Pachter.

Montage, the band he lovingly crafted with his brother Ben, will be performing along with Alarmists to pay him tribute once again, the only way they know how, through cheap drinks and some serious tunes. We caught up with Ben to find out more and discover what the band has been up to.

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New Times: What made you decide to play this show at Respectable Street's Flaunt party?

Ben Pachter: We played Flaunt last year on the same date for the same reason, and it was a disaster/nightmare due to inter-band arguments and our now ex-drummer being wasted on Mad Dog and Sake. At the same time, it was a fitting tribute to my late brother as the show was essentially the definition of punk rock. The people who run the Flaunt night are all friends of ours and run shows properly with a great atmosphere. My brother would have enjoyed the venue as a whole, as it is a proper rock and roll place conducive to love, great music, and good times.

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