Montage and Maddie Besser Take on Dada This Friday with Vulgarity but Not Destruction

Rock and roll by Montage, vulgar ukelele folk songs by Maddie Besser, food from Dada: What more could you ask from a Friday night? Booze. Yes, well, there's booze. So, you're in luck! This Friday, Besser will be singing about what Montage's Ben Pachter, her current beau describes as, "mental illness and revenge stuff." It's satirical, he claims, and says she makes fun of things like her ex-boyfriends. 

From Mission Bay, Montage has been around since 1998, playing live since 2002, and at Dada, the band is -- at least -- fourth time veterans. Pachter founded the band with his late brother Ray, both multi-instrumentalists whose songs take a particular look at what he says "everything in life."

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going to be kind of mellow," he says of the vibe we should expect of the

evening, you know, given that Dada is a restaurant and all. "We're playing a lot of

unreleased stuff, old and new, as well as songs from all of our

releases, except," he notes, "for the Christmas one and the Nirvana

cover one." Makes sense.

Pachter has a pretty interesting day

job - he films horse races at the Isle Casino. He agrees that it's a

cool gig, "except for the horse flies and horse shit." He promises Montage won't be smashing their instruments at this show, "because it's at Dada's y'know, antique house." He adds, "And we shall, of course, play our song 'Burrito' at the end of the gig, like every show."

Montage and Maddie Basser perform at Dada, 52 North Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, on May 18, from 11 to 2 a.m. 

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