​Ladies love Misfit DJs? Guess so, since two Hollywood bars are bringing the guys up from Dade for two ladies' nights this week to spin what DJ MOONFOO, AKA DJ E, calls, "the hottest and sexiest dance tracks with twist of Latin flavor." 

MOONFOO and Misfit DJs Bring Ladies' Nights to Hollywood this Week

On Tuesday night at SAS Martini Lounge and Wednesday at Venom Rock Bar, the women of South Florida will revel in the luxury of drink specials. They're both new nights. Ladies drink free all night at Venom Rock Bar -- which has fairly horny fliers. MOONFOO calls SAS Martini Lounge, "very sleek and sexy. The clientele is very mature and sexy and ready to have fun." For dudes who won't be drinking complimentary booze, bottles aren't too pricey, cover's free, and so is parking. Everybody wins!

MOONFOO is the official DJ for Haitian entertainment site KISAKIHIPHOP.com. He calls himself an "island boi," in island boy fashion. "I'm representing Haiti to the fullest," he says.

"Being an '80's baby, growing up and traveling thru the island, you don't really know what to expect to hear on the radio. And music is a really strong part of our culture." He notes, "I was really exposed, listening to all kind of music, everything - national and international - different  genres, artists. You name it." Growing up the most athletic kid in his family, he's surprised he's gotten this far with making music and DJing.   

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At 11, he heard a DJ mix that included "scratches, cut, smooth fades, non-stop," he remembers, "Blew my mind away, and there, for the first time, I really wanted to be a DJ. After my dad died, I moved back to my grandma's. My older cousin decided to buy me my first mixer ever after he heard me messing with a two-decker tape player. He thought that was crazy. So, the DJ MOONFOO idea came up in the process." 

Meeting friends with similar musical interests in his teens resulted in the Misfit DJs which includes DJs Calppucino and Wick'd. They started playing house parties and clubs at 15-years old, and they're still going strong. "But no matter what, I end up being the center of entertainment. Live it up everywhere I go," MOONFOO says. 

On the ladies nights, please expect to hear dance everything, including old school and new school hip-hop, R&B, pop, drum and bass, dubstep, all kinds of Caribbean music from zouk to reggaeton. 

Ladies, heads up. SAS Martini Lounge's ladies night is on Tuesday at 1814 Harrison Street, Hollywood. Wednesday night ladies drink free at Venom Rock Bar, and there'll be a hot body bikini contest, so wear that white one that your friends hate so much to 1828 Harrison Street, Hollywood. For more on Misfit DJs visit misfitdjs.com.

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