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More Free Music: "Glows in the Dark" by Kill Miss Pretty, Playing Squeeze February 20

​It's common knowledge -- electropunk provocateurs Alicia, Russ, and Martin of Kill Miss Pretty are possessed by an unnatural compulsion to "groove your tooties off." Usually, they'll just do you metaphorically with music, tossing off some slinky sex magick like "El Gato," "Girlfriend," or robot porn instrumental "Bas" to get you facedown on the dance floor. But sometimes, they'll actually get explicit and strip to nothing, like they did for the New Times. Really, it all depends on their mood.

Either way though, nude or not, the members of KMP have got their group seduction game on lock. Take for example today's free track "Glows in the Dark," wherein singer Alicia coos: "My special vagina/You can't beat it/But you can eat it/You see my vagina/And you wanna touch it." Not too subtle, but nevertheless titillating.

By now, however, that song's kinda old. So if you want a fresher taste of KMP's slick and sticky stuff, show up next month (roughly a week after V-Day) when Alicia, Russ, and Martin unleash their newest groin groove "Judy Garland" upon the throng at Squeeze. We can't promise nudity ... But there will be an onstage cameo by Spooky Kid Daisy Berkowitz, a few free records, and a whole lot of full-bore freakiness.

MP3: Kill Miss Pretty - "Glows in the Dark"

Saturday, February 20. Squeeze, 2 S. New River Dr., Fort Lauderdale. Show starts at 10 p.m. Squeeze on Facebook.

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