More Info on Sweatstock 2010, Sweat Records' Record Store Day

​Earlier, we let you know that Sub Pop's No Age was scheduled to perform at this year's Record Store Day at Sweat Records, also known as Sweatstock, but more details have finally been released. The all-ages events, taking place Saturday, April 17, will feature performances by Awesome New Republic, The Jacuzzi Boys, Otto Von Schirach, MillionYoung, Animal Tropical, Beings, Raffa & Rainer, and Black Bobby. Pure Imagination will also be doing a live reading, while Casa de Ha-Ha comics will be entertaining the crowds.

That's not all, there will be live DJ sets by Panic Bomber, Contra, Mike Deuce, Hottpants, Induce, Ray Milian, and Mr. Pharmacist. Also promised is a Friends With You giveaway and the Feverish Ice Cream Truck parked outside.

The store opens at 10 a.m., but the block-party starts a noon.

If the event seems large in scale, you have the Knight Foundation to thank, which awarded Sweat a massive $150,000 grant last year.

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