More Valentine's Ideas: The Talent Farm

Nothing says I love you like thrashing guitars, guttural screams and kids wildly punching the air.  The Talent Farm is hosting a very special Valentine's Day show featuring some of the best hardcore/scream-o/punk acts in south Florida like Here We Rise, Mind Over Matter, Shoot The Messenger, and A Purpose Driven Life.  

Interestingly, Here We Rise is advertising on their MySpace page that they

need a singer, but the songs they have posted are vocal -ree and

are actually quite good without vocals. Maybe they should think about going

the Post-Rock route, or you can go make your case to be the new singer... Either way, the show starts at 4:30pm, leaving

plenty of time for more romantic plans later in the evening, and the

$12 cover charge won't strain the wallet.

-- Brett GIllin


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