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Last summer, MorissonPoe dropped a record called Leaving It All Behind, and then they did just that. The quartet ditched the South Florida music scene for New York City. But amazingly, they didn't come back. Instead, they recorded an album with Ethology Records in New York, and the result is this brand-spanking-new collection of songs.

Now, let's be honest: The ZETA-friendly bands in South Florida, a group that once included MP, tend to sound pretty similar. If you can find a guy with a shaved head, a wallet chain, and a guy who can play slap bass, you might be able to get a shot. For MorissonPoe's advantage is a lead singer, Jean Morisson, who has some decent pipes and doesn't do the whole growl/spit/growl thing. What carries Glitter Girl is her vocals, as the music tends to get repetitive and the lyrics stale (as witnessed on "Super*Star," when she sings "Lick me, lick you, up and down/Turn you all around/Make you feel so good/Like you knew I would.") The only song that truly stands out from the group's glam, nu-metal, funk formula is a cover of Pat Benatar's "Love Is a Battlefield." The title of its last South Florida album should have been more telling. The band must apply some polish to triumph over its ZETA-splattered past. -- Audra Schroeder

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