Morris Day and the Time Drop the Funk on Club Cinema

Minneapolis funk and soul group Morris Day and the Time is best-known as Prince's rival group in his semi-autobiographical Purple Rain. And the only reason this conceit was plausible is because Day and his spirited combo — count mega R&B producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis among them — can ignite a stage with their moves and keep a crowd plied with material like "Jungle Love." That's the "oh we oh we oh" one. Never ones to keep the party clean, the Time's smarmy "Jerk Out" and "Gigolos Get Lonely Too" hammer home the point. Now that Jehovah's Witness Prince has cleaned up his act and his lyrics, the ribald Morris Day and the slimiest slap bass lines around still can drag the night comfortably into the gutter.

Adding to the night's over-the-top vibe is Miami's multifaceted R&B star Michael Sterling, a former member of Inner Circle and current owner of some swoon-worthy pipes. "Lovers and Friends," which was later co-opted by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, and "Holiday," the foundation for Trick Daddy's "Thug Holiday," are the type of jams to work the Club Cinema crowds out of their minds and out of their chairs.

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Reed Fischer
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