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Morrissey Put a Cat on His Head for PETA; Five Other Iconic Cat Man Musicians

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Freddie Mercury
The Queen frontman and solo artist was as mad about cats as Lennon, if not more so. In his life, he owned an assortment of cats, many adopted from shelters. He dedicated his first solo album, Mr. Bad Guy, to his cat family, which then numbered a whopping nine. In fact, take another listen to the Queen album Innuendo, which features the song "Delilah," written for his cat of the same name. Sample lyrics: "You make me so very happy/When you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me/And then you make me slightly mad/When you pee all over my Chippendale suite."

Ian Anderson
Anderson, the creative force behind the great Jethro Tull, is such a cat man that he devotes an entire section of the official Tull site to his writings about the creatures. More specifically, Anderson is a devotee of the Bengal, the exotic-looking wild-domestic hybrid originally bred from the Asian Leopard Cat. For lovers of all breeds, though, Anderson helpfully even penned his own guide for new kitten owners.

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