MP3: Afrobeta - "Nighttime;" Ultra Music Festival 2011 Gig, Full-Length This Summer

Although it's hard to believe with the amount of South Florida love they get, Miami duo Afrobeta actually has yet to release a full-length album. This past December, County Grind named their Do You Party? disc one of the best of the year -- but, OK, OK, it was just an EP.

It was a killer EP, though, with no filler, just a handful of high-energy, quirky, electro-pop tracks that dipped into the occasional slower, more introspective moment ("Two Different Worlds," namely).

On the strength of those gate-crashing tracks, frontwoman Cuci Amador and production genius Tony Smurphio got to tour the world last year, playing such epic global parties like Space Ibiza, Ultra Brazil, and even Burning Man. (We're still wondering how Amador stayed cute in all that blowing sand.) 

This year, though, marks the release of the much-awaited LP, now officially named Under the Streets and due out this summer. The 13 tracks, of course, include many seen on the EP already -- "Two Different Worlds," "Do You Party?," "Play House," etc. -- but there's also a grab bag of new ones. 

The band has graciously released a free MP3 of one of them, "Nighttime." It's another slick slice of bouncy, undeniably Miami-stamped synth-pop with a hint of wobbly bass. Download it below, and hear it live during the band's slot at the upcoming, sold-out Ultra Music Festival -- if you were lucky enough to get tickets in time, that is. 

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