MP3: Andre 3000 Crashes Beyonce's "Party"

Well, well. Sasha Fierce, aka Beyonce's "more sensual, more

aggressive, more outspoken side," is up in the building on "Party." With OutKast's notoriously hermetic Andre 3000 providing a guest verse, this is going to gangbusters, right? Right?! Actually, this mid-tempo banger loaded with mid-'80s synth and a creeping Slick Rick sample -- produced by Kanye West and Consequence -- proves to be a bittersweet delight.

Bey's dripping promises in our ears like "I'll give it all away, just don't tell nobody tomorrow," and maybe one that's meant to sound slightly slurred: "I don't care what they say/ I don't curr if they talkin' tomorrow." And 'Ye feels it too, calling her out as a bad girl (and her friend's bad too).

Meanwhile, if Bey is that girl whispering so sweetly while stroking our neck, Andre 3000 is pondering his existence in the dark. After deeming himself three times hotter than Craig Mack's 1,000 degrees boast, and making dairy drip down his lady's knees, we get another one of the misty-eyed flashback rhymes he's been dealing since ATLiens. "Kiddo say he looks up to me/ this just makes me feel old/ Never thought

we could become someone else's hero/ man, we were just in the food

court eating our gyros."

Doubtful that this means that Three Stacks, who has been voted World's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity, is going back to eating lamb -- because that would be a party scene. But for a guy who is known for more than a few "Where Are My Panties"-type moments, you'd think he could feign that the party was for more than just his navel-gazing self on this one. After telling a passing girl to keep moving, a tiny light at the end of his introspective tunnel. It don't make sense, but it's kinda hot. "Black like having your cousin back, blue like when that rent is due, cream like when them leather new/ Yeaaaaaaaah."

Download: Beyonce's "Party" [via 2DopeBoyz]

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