MP3: Astrea Corporation and Gaps Team for "Blood on the Floor"

Hadn't heard from Gaps the Man Beast in a minute, but it's with great pleasure to find out that the Fort Lauderdale rapper was toiling away with local intergalactic smashers Astrea Corporation. Not that it would be a stretch to imagine two studious outfits like these combining powers, but the outcome stretches the way either act will be perceived from here on out.

According to Carly Astrea, "Blood on the Floor" was born on the fly during social studio time before Camp Lo's appearance at Poorhouse earlier this year and "morphed into a dope track." Think of it as a buzzy, eight-bit castoff from Automator and Del tha Funky Homosapian's Deltron 3030 era.

Softening Gaps' urgent apocalyptic flow are Carly Astrea's sultry vocals at the end. Not quite the monstrous swell of the Corporation's recently dropped three-track EP, Third String Asimov (listen with pleasure at their Bandcamp page), but what the fuck is?  

Blood On The Floor by Gaps!

Gaps says: "This

is the first of what will hopefully be many collaborations between

myself and the Astrea Corporation. A lot of work from a handful of

different people went into this, so enjoy."

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