Is this happy Bon Iver?
Is this happy Bon Iver?

MP3: Bon Iver's "Calgary" Is Unsurprisingly Pensive

Finally, a more-than-two-year thirst for official, new Bon Iver material can be quenched. "Calgary" is among many geography-related songs on his upcoming Bon Iver, Bon Iver record arriving June 21. (Here's betting that "Minnesota, WI" -- not an actual place -- is even more wintry, winsome, and anthemic.)

Calgary is the "Nashville of the North," but there is nothing remotely twangy about this earnest, moody moment. Apparently hanging out with Peter Gabriel has had some effect upon Justin Vernon's choice of background synthesizers. The usual slightly pitch-modulated choirs of Vernon's voice are in full effect, though.

The MP3 is basically free of charge, as long as being on the Jagjaguwar email list isn't too much much of a drag for you.

Stream and download "Calgary" over at Pitchfork.

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