MP3: Clipse and Dream Pop Act Twin Sister Make Comfortable Bedfellows

Tallahassee's DJ Mannes of

Team Jaguar

tossed up a bunch of mashups today using the au courant indie pop of

Twin Sister

as a backdrop. He says this was in "the hopes of impressing the girl I fancy." Even if she's indifferent, fret not. There are a ton of nerdy, bearded dudes with headphones permanently glued to their necks who'll be sending private messages. Hearing Clipse's rhymes from "

When the Last Time

" lumped with the vintage feel of "

All Around and Away We Go

" proves yet again that Pusha T and Malice have the most universally useful voices in hip-hop.

Aside from the Clipse jawn (embedded below), swing over to Penned Madness and cop the rest of the mix hatchery featuring vocals you'll recognize by Broken Social Scene, Gucci Crew II,  Huey, and a really dark and stormy interpretation of Missy Elliott.

Team Jaguar - All Around and Away We Go, When Was The Last Time (Twin Sister & Clipse) by Team Jaguar


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