MP3: Dewars' Bassist Evan Mui - "Nighttime"

Talk about time management: along with putting in bassist duties for lovably quirky West Palm Beach indie-folk group the

Dewars while canvassing the nation with Surfer

Blood, Lake Worth singer/songwriter Evan Mui somehow found enough time to post a two song EP titled Nighttime on his personal website.

The talented multi-intrumentalist (Mui also deftly plays the keyboards and six-string) has been handing out promo flyers in

mid-size venues like New York's Webster Hall and Chicago's Lincoln

Hall listing a website address where concert-goers could go and enter a

password (molinapilchard) to download the two resplendent ditties.

The standout is the title track, a winding melody in which Mui lays down effortlessly cool hooks amongst lo-fi bliss.

Beginning with low-budget cricket chirps, which never really subside for

the remainder of the song, the guitars are simplistic, repetitive and

choppy as all hell -- and Mui's not in tune 100 percent of the time -- but

dang it if this number doesn't rehash pleasant memories of '90s slacker rock icons Pavement. In particular, it's

Mui's vulnerable quiver which has us reminiscing about Stephen Malkmus'

glory days. "Nighttime" is the kind of song that would not sound out of

place nestled somewhere on a jock's playlist

between Sebadoh and the Silver Jews.

Listen to the song here.

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