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MP3: Did Lady Gaga, Tyler the Creator, or Panda Bear Release Friday's Best?

Depending upon which content provider is your favorite, a leak of a highly relevant song in the past 24 hours likely gave your eyebrows a workout. Perez Hilton crowed about Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." All the while, Gorilla vs Bear was busy trumpeting Los Angeles hip-hop group of the moment Odd Future's Tyler the Creator unveiling his "Yonkers" video. And Pitchfork concealed its obvious glee that Animal Collective's Panda Bear is back with "Last Night at the Jetty." (Technically, GvB and Pitchfork were both geeked about the latter two.)

Regardless, only so much bandwidth and verbiage is really necessary here. We consumed all three songs, and worthiness of each is discussed below.

Lady Gaga - "Born This Way"
Key lyric: "Don't be a drag, just be a queen."
Knee-jerk: Hearing the first 45 seconds is all you need to recognize Gaga's latest as some Madonna-worthy fizz. Remember "Express Yourself" the first time? Pass.

Panda Bear - "Last Night at the Jetty"
Key lyric: He sorta sings with marbles in his mouth, but it sounds pretty.
Knee-jerk: More of the psychedelic noodling of the Animal Collective mastermind. Just before two minutes in, it gets fun. Better than the imitators, but hopefully not the best song on Tomboy

Stream/download the MP3 here.

Tyler the Creator - "Yonkers"
Key lyric: "[something really offensive about B.o.B.]/ stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus."
Knee-jerk: Look out for the freaky colored contacts in this clip, and there's some disturbing hanging imagery. Not something to play for mom (unless she loves Wu Tang), but this gut-tearing beat doesn't quit. Winner. This will stick around way past March. 

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