MP3: Drug Czars - "Thank God for Drugs"
Margaret Griffis

MP3: Drug Czars - "Thank God for Drugs"

Last week, we examined the Drug Czars' first EP and since then I took some time to evaluate the fact that the poor Drug Czars have as yet to reap the benefits of benevolent uncle Jello Biafra who's Alternative Tentacles Records did a magnificent job of bringing to the masses the Eat's catalogue. And while yes, on the international playing field, the Eat will remain the better known sibling, the Drug Czars were a solid link between South Florida's punk rock past and present.

Thanks to our buddies over at the Trash Fever website we are sharing with you today an unreleased gem from these fine rock and rollers, "Thank God for Drugs." Comprised of Michael O'Brien on guitar and vocals, Jeff Hodapp on guitar, Buddha on bass and the almighty Chris Cottie on drums, this here track has everything you'd want in your sloppy garage punk rock. So enjoy and keep it within our pages for more Blasts and MP3's!

MP3: Drug Czars - 'Thank God for Drugs"

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