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MP3: D.V.N.O. - "Dance With Me"

This West Palm Beach act is named after one of French duo Justice's celebratory gritty dance tracks. So one gets the impression that D.V.N.O. would be some sort of club act decked to the nines in black leather, tweaking knobs and squelching out samples. However, that's not the case. Although this local quartet shares an equal affinity for danceable thrust with the French pair from which it cribbed its moniker, the similarities end there.

Lead by brothers Marco (vocals, bass) and Jacob (drums, percussion)

Baez, D.V.N.O. is a full-on rock four-piece. Its take on dance music

runs in the vein of spunky post-punk act We Are Scientists and other

bands of similar ilk (check Artic Monkeys and Bloc Party.)

Forming a year and a half ago, the Baez brothers used to perform as a three-piece until the band's third member left. A Craigslist ad led them to two more members -- Brock Lamon on rhythm guitar and Panch Wieuty on lead guitar and backup vocals -- and a much fuller sound. Together the foursome creates a sound that falls somewhere between the emo and dance-y indie rock spectrum.

They are currently putting the final touches on their yet-to-be-titled debut full length, which Marco says will be out in the beginning of July.

"Dance With Me" is one of the tracks already completed from said full length. Its title might bring back memories of Fall Out Boy frenetic hit "Dance, Dance," and Marco Baez's energetic falsettos will remind teenyboppers of Panic! at the Disco dreamboat vocalist Brendon Urie.

Despite all of its outward emo touchstones, the D.V.N.O boys genuinely seem to have their sights set for heftier ambitions on this track. They drive for a sound that's altogether less froufrou pop punk and more sprawling emotive rock -- think Taking Back Sunday or At The Drive-In.

The D.V.N.O boys were also a late entry into the 15th Annual Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands,

attempting to make it onto the West Palm Beach leg of the Vans Warped

Tour. The band has until July 16 to get in the top 100, so fans better

hurry and show some support; when we last checked they had only four votes. Check out "Dance With Me" below first.

D.V.N.O. "Dance with me" - radio edit by Cheerstothis

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