MP3: Family Drugs Releases First Song, "Slowpoke"

Multi-instrumentalist and staple of the local music scene Marcos Marchesani has a new musical outfit called Family Drugs. In a recent interview, he told us about his high expectations and tribulations regarding this band. After a wildly successful first show, it became abundantly clear that Family Drugs is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Marcos' vision comes to further fruition as the band releases its first recording for the song "Slowpoke."

In keeping with the dark undertones he spoke of, the song starts off with a haunting, fuzz-laden feedback introduction. After brooding over this for a full minute, the song kicks into a drumbeat at home with any classic industrial record. The song is hauntingly dark, made apparent by Marchesani's breathy, echoing vocals. Heavily distorted guitars strum simple, repeated riffs that loop into an almost unending cycle before cutting back into another crushing section of feedback.

Listen to "Slowpoke" and download the MP3 at the Family Drugs Facebook page.

Family Drugs. With Cave, Cop City Chill Pillars. Wednesday, October 5, at Snooze Theatre, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park.

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