MP3: Ghost Arm at Flaunt Thursday Tonight

Tonight, Miami hip-hop duo Ghost Arm comes out of the shadows for only its second

official performance as part of Flaunt Thursday at Respectable Street.

With rhyming schemes this varied, absurdist, and somnambulant, it's hard

not to get a full-on Definitive Jux flashback churning. FIU students

and roommates Robert "Rolodex" Hodgkins and David "SPF" Golding not only

have created dark, murky beats of their own in the apartment they

share, but producer/Dead Meat drummer Roberto Pagano has supplied some

soul-soaked tracks recalling channeling J. Dilla and Madlib. In both

cases, the results are on another level. The plan is to press an initial

release this winter.

One more salient detail about Ghost Arm's first show: they opened for

Surfer Blood in Orlando last month. Hodgkins and the West Palm Beach

band's drummer TJ Schwarz used to play together in the area hardcore act

Hearts Over Rome. Support for Thursday is a rumored electro set by Cop

City/Chill Pillars, the Lake Worth avant garage rock act that overlaps

with the Love Handles both in terms of personnel and jarring, muscular


Just to give you an idea of what we're talking about, listen to evolving jazz-centric beats and witty, spitfire rhymes ("Nothing ever gets better/ strive to be alive/ pockets full of nickels and dimes/ talk about hard times/ that's what she said") of "Speak Easy Saloon" via Ghost Arm's Facebook page.

Two more tracks over at the duo's MySpace.

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Reed Fischer
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