MP3: Harvey and the Buckets and Suede Dudes Vocalist Nick Petakas' "Keep Me Out"

With one hand in Harvey and the Buckets and another in Suede Dudes, Nick Petakas knows how to balance dichotomies in sound. This is probably why his solo stuff sounds like poppily crafted little treasures sent straight through a layer of something scummy.

A relatively new project, the oldest track on his SoundCloud was uploaded four months ago. "Keep Me Out" is not the latest track to be uploaded, but it's certainly our favorite. The hollow echos at its intro fade into warmly scuzzy guitars and Petakas' voice, awash in its own distinct country twang, pleading "Don't let me down." It perfectly encapsulates what we'd like to think are the influences and overall steez he takes to all of his projects. His SoundCloud is currently full of demos, but if this takes shape into an EP soon, we hope "Keep Me Out" will be its single.
Listen to more at his SoundCloud.

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