Psyche Cycles">
"Psyche Cycles" cover art
"Psyche Cycles" cover art

MP3: Hear Hums' "Sunsoaked" From Psyche Cycles

Experimental sound collage specialist Hear Hums, also host of one of the most committed indie music blogs in South Florida, just let a new track from its forthcoming Psyche Cycles bubble up. Streaming at Dead as Digital, "Sunsoaked" is the West Palm Beach collective displaying a mastery of adding new layers to a canvas without distorting the images underneath. All of the electronics and percussion featured here give off a warmth through the headphones, and the way this track fits into a larger matrix of songcraft on Psyche Cycles is something that we'll be thinking about today inside this windowless cubicle.

Leave it to Panaframe to match the zoo of sounds in "Sunsoaked" with an entire animal kingdom of images in the accompanying video clip. Watch and marvel below.

Hear Hums - Sunsoaked from Panaframe on Vimeo.

For even more Hear Hums, watch several videos from recent live performances at Churchills in Miami at the group's Facebook page.


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