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MP3: Holly Hunt's Deliciously Gooey and Sticky "Maraschino"

While Holly Hunt can certainly refer to a brand of some high-end furnishings I could never care about, South Florida's Holly Hunt is the bone-crunching duo of local artist/guitarist Gavin Perry and everybody's favorite local artist/drummer, Betty Monteavaro. The latter is something I certainly care about. And I'm beginning to think a lot of you will too, especially after their sweat-inducing set over at the Death to the Sun III extravaganza.

Although Betty's work locally is the stuff of legend (Floor/Beings), it is her work with Gavin that is now raising eyes. I like these moments with boy/girl bands to let the rumor mill run a bit before we get to the truth... is it some White Stripes svengali sister/brother, husband/wife, ex-husband/ex-wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, cousins, neighbors, lab-partners kind of thing? The answer to this question lies within the lush forest that is known as Gavin Perry's beard.

In the meantime, Holly Hunt has managed to give us a deliciously slow and guttural punch of sweetness with "Maraschino." And it is just as gooey and yucky as the jarred stuff but in a much better "keep that cherry out of my drink but gladly pour the syrup over yourself before we screw" kind of way.

This has everything you want: Gavin's punished guitar and Betty's punishing drums. So much punishment the line is blurred between assailant and victim, weapon and peace sign. This is the kind of music that, while not making one entirely happy about facing the workday, it can inspire the energy and chutzpah necessary to suffer the ensuing foolishness. Bring us more Holly Hunt!

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Abel Folgar