MP3: Iron & Wine's "Walking Far From Home" Is Regal

MP3: Iron & Wine's "Walking Far From Home" Is Regal

It was all too clear that Iron & Wine's Sam Beam has a special kinship with South Florida -- even if he hadn't been here for years until his performance earlier this month at the Fillmore Miami Beach. As Tom Francis detailed, the guy who has cultivated an amphitheater-ready audience knows what playing a show at Churchill's is like.

One bummer about his recent performance: "Walking Far From Home" wasn't in the set.

This track has majesty enough to quiet any I&W detractors who might not like the tender, whispery (read: dominant) portion of Beam's catalog. Favorite couplet, among many, is: "I saw flowers on a hillside, and a millionaire pissing on the lawn/Saw a prisoner take a pistol, and sing join me in song." Anyhow, dig.

Plus, the second half of this single, unveiled on Black Friday, from the upcoming Kiss Each Other Clean, is the much noisier "Biting Your Tail" -- like dub-house Fleetwood Mac, perhaps.


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