MP3: Lil Jon & LMFAO's "Drink" Celebrates Binge Consumption

There are many enjoyable compositions extolling the virtues of alcoholic beverages, but Lil Jon's new song has a bit of a drinking problem. Not to say that "Drink," which features a guest verse by LMFAO, won't find an audience near the beer pong tables, kegerators, bottle service lounges, and parents' basements of America. In fact, rarely is there a song that is so overt in its encouragement of excessive imbibing.

Where Jamie Foxx blames a series of his life problems on "the Goose," and Jay Farrar readily admits that getting drunk leads to impaired balance, Lil Jon has created an anthem that actually tells you to "stop being lame and have a fuckin' drink!"

With colleges and universities getting ready to be back in session, the crunk-as-can-be rapper has the chance to launch any number of new drinking games with this play on "One Potato, Two Potato": "One shot, two shots, three shots, four. Take that bottle to the air and have one fuckin' more!" At this time, the single is not attached to any official Lil Jon project, but maybe we'll know once they sober up.

Note: According to the CDC, five shots in quick succession is more than enough to be considered binge drinking. Stay thirsty (for quality music), my friends.

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