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MP3: Matt & Kim Release New Single "Cameras," Announce New Album and Surprising Supporting Act for Their October 14 Show

We'll proudly admit that we enjoy a little Matt & Kim when we're feeling down. Sure, we're not from Brooklyn, and we don't make it a habit of stripping down naked in the middle of the street. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy their pop-infused sugar-high indie anthems that make us jump around so much that we get dizzy with excitement. They're one of those bands that we don't grow tired of, no matter how many commercials play "Daylight" in the background. We're not ashamed.

The dancing duo have just announced they will release their newest effort, Sidewalks, on November 2. But what's more, they've just released the album's first single, "Cameras."

It's slightly mellower than their usual happy-go-lucky fast-paced track listings, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The slower melody is contrasted with what sounds like every possible instrument they could find in the room. We're not kidding. Think a variety of synths, horns, drums, and their repetitive lyrics, which usually make for insta-party starters. We're not going to lie: Those horns throw us off a little. But with lyrics like "No time for cameras, we'll use our eyes instead," we're pretty sure it will end up turning into a hit anyway. We'd rather use our eyes too.

Check it out for yourself by "liking" their Facebook page, then hitting play. 

Also, watch the super-adorable Matt & Kim talking to MTV about the track, as they reveal their latest proclamation: "I've decided we don't write songs anymore; we write anthems. Boom!"

If you still haven't had enough of them, they're playing the Culture Room on October 14 and have just announced their supporting act for that show: Hip-hop artist Donnis. He's equally dance-worthy, but we're interested to see how indie kids will react to music usually reserved for a dressier club atmosphere. Check out his latest video below and let us know what you think. Are they a good fit? 

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