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MP3: Mayday! feat. Ace Hood - "Highs & Lows"

Chalk another high-profile friendship up for Mayday! Miami's premier live hip-hop crew may be best known in mainstream circles for rocking with Weezy, but a new single released yesterday could give them some more crossover momentum. "Highs and Lows" is the group's first collaboration with 22-year-old Deerfield Beach-based Ace Hood, a Def Jam/We the Best artist who's bubbled on the verge for a few years now. 

While Ace Hood is technically the "major" artist on the track, Mayday! does him more of an artistic favor than vice versa. Despite working with producers like Swizz Beatz ("Hustle Hard"), Hood still has yet to develop a voice. Mayday! manages to coax something a little more thoughtful and nuanced from him on this track, a soul-inflected, stop-and-start slice of laid-back, straightforward hip-hop. 

Download the track below and read what Mayday! mastermind Bernz (formerly known as Bernbiz) had to say about it. And hit @MAYDAYMUSIC to follow Mayday! on Twitter!

County Grind: How long have you guys known Ace Hood, and how did you get him to collaborate on this record with you? 

Bernz: The connection with Ace is a very recent one -- really gotta give it to our management for making that happen. They're constantly looking for ways to pair us with artists you wouldn't expect, since up to now its been very successful for us. We're all really proud of the song and impressed by Ace Hood's verse!  

Was everything written already, or did he have any creative input? 

The beat and the hook were done. We originally wrote it for a recently famous artist who'll remain nameless but didn't work out. We loved the track and decided to try for Ace Hood. Our camps had some previous ties so we made it happen no prob.    

Why did you decide to release another free track right now? Do you have another mixtape or anything else due out soon?

Release-wise we really have no concrete plans just yet. There's been tons of opportunities presenting themselves to the band as of recent so we're really just weighing our options right now. You know, recording and getting a new live show together. Although I'd say expect a mixtape soon to appease the machine while we're figuring it out.  

Do you have any shows lined up in Broward or Palm Beach county any time soon, or do you have any plans to try to schedule one?

We have nothing planned for that area yet! But plans are in the works, as well as national tours. Like I said, right now we're just prepping. Our next show in South Florida will be at Transit Lounge in Miami on February 19 with N.O.R.E., and considering this interview, and without giving away too much ... some special guests! Haha!

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