MP3: Millionyoung - "Calrissian"
Photo by Ian Witlen

MP3: Millionyoung - "Calrissian"

The magnificent Millionyoung, AKA Mike Diaz, has just premiered a new track via Yours Truly that plainly shows that this guy isn't satisfied being quite so chill. Sounding more like a full-band concept more than ever, our Glimpses of the South Florida Scene alum shows a twee side for "Calrissian." The track is from Diaz's upcoming album, due in January via Old Flame Records.

Here are his thoughts on what influenced this new project:

Well, while writing the full-length, I got

really into a lot of jazz and oldies and Motown kind of stuff: Duke Ellington,

Ella Fitzgerald, Phil Spector, and Jackie Wilson -- even a bit of Sun Ra (and Araw

too, actually). I've also been watching a lot of Lynch, Miyazaki, and

Kubrick movies. Kind of an odd mix, but I love the way they tell stories and

create these dark worlds and scenarios that can at times still be inspiring. I

love incorporating that notion into the things I write. The conflict between

happy lyrics and a sad melody has been something I've loved since the first

time I heard the Beach Boys' "Don't Worry Baby."

Download "Calrissian" here.

Bonus: for any bros or gals hitting the CMJ Music Marathon in New York next week, Millionyoung has assembled a handy one-sheet stop with all of the particulars.

MP3: Millionyoung - "Calrissian"


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