MP3: Millionyoung - "Replicants"

Just in case yesterday's nudge to read about Millionyoung's emergent synth-rock artistry wasn't enough, we're back and just handing you this informative piece of writing from this week's print edition. It was more than a little bit pleasant to see that I Guess I'm Floating posted up the title track from Millionyoung's Replicants, which is facing an imminent digital release -- January 11, anyhow.

"Replicants" launches like a pixelated motorcycle zooming away with your now ex riding on the back. So, yeah, finding a replica of the one you love is a difficult undertaking. Over a bit of retro keyboards and a stirring beat, Millionyoung shows his capacity to brood like the Junior Boys' (the rougher "In the Morning" is a nice pairing topically).

Download: Millionyoung - "Replicants" via I Guess I'm Floating

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