MP3: New Freestyle from Wrekonize, Performing at Propaganda Tonight

London-born, Miami-raised MC Wrekonize is probably best known to party people these days for his role in rising live hip-hop juggernaut Mayday! Before he joined the group a couple years ago, though, he was renowned by underground heads for his freestyle skills. As a teenager, he ascended the ranks of the local battle-rap circuit before scoring what should have been the crowning achievement of his early career. 

In 2003, he was named a finalist on an MTV (!)-sponsored, televised freestyle competition called

Battle II: The Takeover in Times Square

. Wrek wrecked 10 other rappers to come out on top, for a promised prize of a contract with Roc-a-Fella Records. Unfortunately, that contract never materialized ... although with the late-'00s shake-up at that label, maybe Wrek gets the last laugh.

Anyways, he eventually landed on Miami-based South Beat Records -- which also eventually went defunct. (Notice a pattern? Independence is the way to go right now!) The good thing about his tenure, though, is the label led him to future bandmates Mayday! and a new come-up.

When the band isn't busy, though, Wrekonize continues to put out his own solo material and Internet flotsam. Last year saw the release of the record A Soiree for Skeptics, which you can listen to in its entirety on Wrekonize's Bandcamp site

Last week he dropped a new freestyle for DJBooth and StreetAmmo called "Declaration." With Mayday! producer Plex Luthor's polished beat and Wrek's confident delivery, for the random listener there's nothing to indicate this was made up on the spot. Impressive indeed. 

Download the freestyle below via DJBooth and hear more off-the-dome raps in real life at Propaganda tonight, where Wrek takes the stage with touring artist Sab the Artist (from Rhymesayers), as well as Detroiter Apollo Brown, and West Palm Beach local Mr. Chief. 

Friday, January 28. Propaganda, 6 S. J. St., Lake Worth. Admission is $5 between 8 and 9 p.m., $8 after; 18 and up. 561-547-7273;

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