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MP3: Nirvana Covers by Guy Harvey, Rachel Goodrich, & More

As the 20-year anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind eases ever closer, so do the goodies from talented local artists enlisted by Beached Miami to revamp the classic tracks from the album. Initially, we spotlighted the orchestral take on "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Baby B Strings, but there are a wealth of new sounds accumulating now as part of this Nevermind Miami feature.

Judging by how well the contributions are turning out, it would be exciting if all the acts could come together for a concert (nudge, nudge). The most recent additions are covers of "Something in the Way" by West Palm Beach's Guy Harvey and "Territorial Pissings" by Rachel Goodrich, formerly of Miami. This is an excellent pairing because both songs go sharply against expectations.

L.A.-based Goodrich, who is primarily known for pop tunes colored with xylophone, ukelele, and sunny wit, flips the fierce "Territorial Pissings" on its head. After subtracting the sheer volume and speed, she added a Exile on Main Street-style blues guitar and muffled her oft-cheery voice to add a willowy darkness to the finished result. Whereas, Guy Harvey takes the dirge-y "Something in the Way" and lights it up like a firecracker. Singer Adam Perry finds the perfect echo for his pipes, and some creative chord-adjustments on guitar make whole thing swell satisfyingly around him. 

Check the player below for both of the above, plus a playful rendition of "Polly" by Pocket of Lollipops, and a glimmering glam version of "Lithium" courtesy of Plains.

Nevermind Miami by beachedmiami

Who will try out the remaining tracks? And b-sides?

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