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MP3 of the Day: 10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof Mixtape by Swazy Baby

Slip N Slide's been on a signing binge lately, with head honcho Ted Lucas snapping up Atlanta R&B group Jagged Edge, as well as a slew of other new acts. When I spoke to him in late May, Lucas waxed particularly enthusiastic about Georgia-based rapper Swazy Baby.

His first single, "F How You Dance," got some play in underground clubs thanks to its squeaky, alien-sounding beat and its, uh, honest appreciation of the female posterior. But Swazy Baby's hoping to take it to the next level with his new single, "Half Of It." It's built, as so many street rap singles are lately, on a catchphrase designed to stick in the brain. The production, too, fits in with the latest high-end, synth-heavy beats all over the radio. So -- does this make the cut? Khaled's already been spinning it a little. Opinions, please. The download link is after the jump.

Perhaps a better indication of his skills as a rapper come on his latest mixtape, 10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof, hosted by Bigga Rankin. You can also get that for free at the link below.

Swazy Baby's debut album is still forthcoming, but in the meantime you can check him out on MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube.

MP3: Swazy Baby - "Half of It" (explicit version)

MP3: Swazy Baby - 10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof mixtape

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