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MP3 of the Day and Miami Music Festival Preview: "Bam in Amsterdam" by Music is a Weapon

​When New Times featured Music is a Weapon over the summer, the Magic City hustlers were giddy with go after a 7-day Netherlands stand that saw the band treated like the rock stars they're destined to become. You could see the sparkling stars in their eyes, refracting back from the gilded mirrors that most definitely await them. And you could hear the tell-tale hum of a band on the run.

Well, it seems like glory stories weren't the only great good thing MW brought back from their trip across the pond; they also brought back a song. In fact they brought back a track so infectiously anthemic that to simply call it a song would be selling it short. And if there's any justice in this unbrave new world of ours, what they wrought will sell anything but short.

The tune's entitled "Bam in Amsterdam" and it's got both the drift of the Continent about it as well as the unmistakable mark of American progress. A sort of love letter to the town that loves them, "Bam" surely must be the way MW feels every time they take the stage. Insistently with-it and consistently catchy, it's a picture perfect aural postcard sent back from the Yellow Brick Road. And if this wondrous little ditty doesn't end-up on some commercial or two, I'll eat my hat.

But don't take my biased words for it; listen yourself. Then remember you heard it here first.

MP3: Music is a Weapon - "Bam in Amsterdam"

Music is a Weapon plays Saturday, December 12 at 11 p.m., as part of the Miami Music Festival. Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets are $10.

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John Hood