MP3 of the Day: Baroness Drummer (!) Remixes Surfer Blood's "Swim"

Photo by Ian Witlen
​The stoner metal hardliners ain't gonna like this one, but, shock, horror, Allen Blickle, drummer of the awesome Savannah quartet Baroness, has musical taste besides sludge and doom. (Drummers, because of their scarcity, always seem to be the musical oddballs in bands, though.) Stereogum posted yesterday his remix of Surfer Blood's "Swim (To Reach the End)," and it's nothing you'd expect from a guy who plays in a band whose album covers look like this. In fact, Stereogum's post quotes an old interview he did with heavy metal bible Revolver, in which he talked about liking random stuff like the Album Leaf. Go figure.

For this remix, Blickle has taken the Palm Beach boys' indie-blog hit and turned it into a little bit of a lightly electro-styled ditty, the kind of thing that might be used in a shoe commercial. The original song's fine on its own, and this remix is kind of superfluous, but it's pleasant enough.

MP3: Surfer Blood - "Swim (Alpaca Remix by Allen Blickle of Baroness)"

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