MP3 of the Day: "Boom" by 2 Live Crew, featuring E-40

This is old news, but bears repeating: The version of 2 Live Crew does not feature Luke. Ok, that's out of the way. But as the remaining members of the group -- Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis -- told Miami New Times last year, that doesn't really matter. Luke was hired as a hype man anyways, they say.

So, with Luke on reality TV and working on his own musical comeback, 2 Live Crew version 2.0 has been slowly crafting its own new album. Titled Just Wanna Be Heard, it's finally due out in the next couple of months as a joint venture between local companies Nu Focuz Entertainment and Lil' Joe Records Inc.

As a taster, the group's released a track from the record called "Boom."

This is some low-end-heavy stuff, but it definitely does not have an

old-school booty sound. The track is slowwwwed down, with a little bit of a funky, Yay

Area flavor added courtesy of a winding, funky beat, and a star

featured turn by E-40. 2 Live Crew apparently didn't get (or more

likely, don't care about) Jay-Z's memo about AutoTune, though, but

the effect is used relatively sparingly here.

So, this new track: yes or no? Good comeback banger? Or just so-so? Listen to it below and weigh in.

MP3: 2 Live Crew feat. E-40: "Boom"

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