MP3 of the Day: Charlie Pickett/Bobby Tak -- "What I Like About Miami"

Charlie Pickett and Bobby Tak come at us again with another cowpunk gem of a song that though subject-matterly is about Miami, the gents reside in the Broward/Palm Beach area and are occasionally known as the Loose Cannons. Regardless of what moniker they stamp themselves with, Pickett and Tak are both legends in the South Florida scene, and this here track is a chock-full of their signature sound and style.

Great guitar work and rock-steady drumming propel this narrative of falling in love with the Magic City and becoming trapped by its enchantments, something we can all relate to, of course. "Eating empanadas, I like Cuban girls, that's right, I never meant to stay..." I feel the same way. I arrived in 1991, ate some empanadas, saw a Cuban girl with a full ass, and though I never meant to stay, here I am 19 years later.

The video above also features Ian Hammond on guitar and Rob Remias on bass, and it's a studio version slightly different from the MP3 below. Enjoy.

MP3: Charlie Pickett/Bobby Tak -- "What I Like About Miami"

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